From left to right: Senior Chaplain DeWayne Cummings, Chaplain David Scribran and Commander Henry Curtis - CFMI-New York".

Our mission as chaplains in the state of New York is to minister to the entire community as a conglomerate of ministries & churches. We put aside denominational differences and minor doctrinal issues to serve our community while hoping that some would submit to Christ.

We are a division of chaplains under the jurisdiction of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries International. It is our vision that we would continue to have a powerful effect serving our police and fire departments, hospitals, jails, prisons, and the community at large.

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CFMI-New York is the New York division of ™Chaplain Fellowship Ministries International inc. a nondenominational ministry of presence with chaplains serving worldwide. © Copyright Chaplain Fellowship Ministries International Inc.